Mar 20, 2017

Lori A. Walsh moved with her family to Bangladesh in 2005. While some people see Bangladesh as a land of poverty, she says Bangladesh is rich. Its wealth lies in its land and the hearts of its people. From rickshaw pullers to people of every walk of life, you will find kindness. The poorest families will invite you to eat with them, even when that means they will go without. The children will melt you with their smiles and the women with the way the care for you as if you were their daughter or son.

Bangladesh is not without its share of problems, each government, in its own way, tries to solve some of them. Sometimes they are successful and other times not. The vast majority of people are not educated and this has led to many of this country's political problems. 

No, Lori A. Walsh is not from Bangladesh, but is an American whose roots lie firmly in the U.S., with her family's last 3 generations all born in the USA. In the U.S., she lived in New York on Long Island’s renown North Shore. She grew up in Southwest Connecticut and spent her Summers at the shores of Rhode Island with her family. However, she is married to Bangladesh and her heart lies here.

Presently, she is the Principal at American Standard International School. Concurrently, she has begun a small startup event and entertainment agency with her daughter called Oomph Bangladesh.